Adapt and Overcome

I have a friend who perfectly illustrates the military phrase I often hear old soldiers repeat when they come against a difficult situation. It simply is “Adapt and overcome.”

We have talked about this friend before. He has a kiosk near the central market. There you will find leather goods and hats. I think I have mentioned that I use one of his wallets. Business has not been good lately. He can’t even resupply as he would normally because he is taking what little profits he does have and buying food.

With the spreading awareness of our present pandemic, he has found a way to adapt and overcome. He found a supplier of washable, therefore reusable, masks. They are not your normal white or blue masks that are so popular here. Rather his come in a variety of bright colors. He sells them at a reasonable price. He cannot keep them in stock.

I see him often. He still practices his English with me. His English actually is quite good. Someone told him about the old movie serial “The Cisco Kid”. The sidekick, Pancho, had a contrived Hollywood Spanish accent. He says he doesn’t want to sound like Pancho. So he works very diligently on his diction and pronunciation.

The best thing about him is his faith. He talks about it all the time. I will often pass by his stand unnoticed in a taxi and find him reading his Bible. Taking comfort in its message. He has a rock solid faith. I am proud to call him a friend.

I think we can all take lessons from my friend. The corona virus has not only changed our daily habits and routines, it has forced us to adapt and overcome. We aren’t running around town as before. We are forced to measure our steps, count our blessings, and recalculate our priorities.

I hope you are overcoming. I hope you are adapting. I hope you have found what works for you and in that you will find peace. Remember it was Jesus who said, “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

My friend is an overcomer. I am an overcomer. Not by anything we have. Not by any strength we possess. Not by our wits or wisdom. We are overcomers because we have faith in The Overcomer.

I hope you are an overcomer too.

Continue to pray for Nicaragua as we pray for you.

Dios los bendiga

Growing up on the mission field for most of my youth, I never imagined leaving the U.S. other than to serve on short-term mission trips. But, it was on one of those ministry tours to Granada, Nicaragua, that I fell in love with the Nicaraguan people and Uno Mas Ministries began.

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