It seems as if we finally (after more than two weeks) have our internet situation solved. So I’m not saying much I wanted you enjoy these pictures and one video. Some of them are in the small church outside of town. Others are from Pastor Guillermo’s church. The video is of kids worshipping. Also, I threw in another picture of Oscar because he still desperately needs your prayers.

If my carrier continues to cooperate… expect many more pics in the future.

Dios los bendiga… Jeff

This is Oscar…. the one we have been praying for

Arrrrrgh!!! The Internet

I wanted you to know that I hadn’t forgotten you and it wasn’t for lack of trying that this post is so late. In fact I have rewritten this about six times and am finally giving up for the day. Please pray that the internet is better tomorrow.

For those geeks out there … I am “guaranteed” 2mbps by my provider. Today … when it worked at all… I ran a “Speedtest” and was averaging 0.17 mbps. That was download. My upload times were even worse.

Long story short…. I am going to try again tomorrow to upload some great photos which I have been wanting to share …. keep the prayers going for that.

Also, pray tomorrow is a peaceful day … it is called the “Repliegue “ March and it is an annual event. Many marchers and probably some counter marchers as well. Nicaragua has been doing relatively well lately (with the exception of Managua proper)… but it feels tentative at best and eerily calm at worse. We can always use your prayers.

Continue to pray for Oscar and rest of Pastor Guillermo’s family…. no real update there. Just pray for a miracle.

Hope to get the pics up soon… otherwise….

Dios te bendiga, Jeff

Prayer request

As we all reflect next week on our (U.S.) Independence Day, I believe it sometimes takes a trip outside the states to appreciate the freedoms we have. I am often reminded in my journey how fortunate I am to have been born where I was born and into whose family I was blessed to be born. I am amazed at how many take that for granted.

I guess it is the same for our very life itself. We sometimes take that for granted as well. I am deeply saddened by the news we received from the doctor concerning Oscar. He has developed another large mass on his neck and they are using the word terminal now for the first time. We don’t have a firm prognosis but we know it will be a difficult time for him and his family.

But Oscar is not one to complain. He has a perpetual smile that fills the room. He is such a gentle spirit. His attitude gives me pause and makes me look at my own. I have had some heath issues in the past year and I must admit I have questioned “why”? But then I look at Oscar and I think “wow, I have it made”.

So next week as you are eating your barbecue and enjoying your family or whatever it is that you do on “the 4th”. Pease take a moment and pray for Oscar. Pray for his parents Pastor Guillermo and dońa Daniela. Also pray for the rest of his family. Then thank God for all the blessings you have. Take inventory. It will do you good.

Dios los bendiga …. Jeff

An old friend returns

Another great week in Granada…. not as rainy as last so we were get out a little in the barrios. We are itching for all the preliminaries to be finished so we can fill up all of our classes.

I was able to spend time at church with pastor Guillermo this past Sunday and the doña Daniela graciously invited me for lunch… ok it was more like she threatened to the boys physically restrain me if I didn’t eat with them. We were able to have some good conversations about the future adventures UnoMas and the church Guillermo serves. I think you all will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly some of these plans can move forward. Keep watching the blog and Facebook for all the newest ministry opportunities we are pursuing.

Thanks to a generous donation by two of our Joy families… I got an old friend back today. Now I know many of you will be concerned… but rest assured I got clearance from all medical folks before I got her repaired. But the old war horse is back in service and ready for duty. Yes, my Dayun 125 is looking better than before. They were able to add new parts because of a program Dayun has had for years. And that is, except for improvements… they try to make many parts interchangeable from year to year. So like the old Johnny Cash song…. I’ve got an 2009, 2010, 2013, 2015, 2019 Dayun 125. Please pray that God protects me from the taxis and other beasts of the street. I really don’t want any more time at the doctor’s office. I think I have put my time in.

Of course, as always please be in prayer for our young brother Oscar. He continues with his treatment and is in a lot of pain. Ask God to protect him, Guillermo and Daniela as they travel back and forth to Managua. Thank you.

Otherwise, it’s been a glorious week…. can’t wait to see what is in store for us next week. Until then…

Dios los bendiga, Jeff

Home safely

It has been a crazy week. Mostly reconnecting with old coworkers and friends. As I said before I am trying to pace myself, but find that difficult because I am always thinking of new things and people I haven’t seen.

Three months doesn’t seem like a long time but in this culture where thugs change rapidly it must have seemed like an eternity . Especially to the children.

It’s sort of nice to have tears of joy shed when a title child sees you. Many told me the thought I wasn’t coming back. One even thought I was dead. But everyone is ready to get back into the class schedule again.

A little housekeeping…. as you know we suspended the blog while I was stateside, in the hospital, then subsequent recuperation… but be looking again for it every Friday, like before. I am going to try to bring not only relevant stories about the work, but many of you have requested more photos which I will endeavor to provide.

Please continue to keep Oscar (Guillermo’s son) in your prayer as he starts the cancer treatments soon.

Thank you for all your love and support, I couldn’t be here without it. Until next time….

Dios los bendiga…. Jeff

Quick trip

Can I just say it’s been a busy week. So busy I could have sworn I wrote this already.

I will make it quick…. I am beginning my trek to St. Louis today and will be there for a couple of weeks.

Should make it back in plenty of time for church at the bar.

If you would like a private meeting set up to talk about the mission, personal ,message me on Facebook.

Can’t wait to see you… and all of our folks down here say “Hi”.

Dios los bendiga


Thank you

One of my friends from college did something today that warmed my heart. She suggested that as it is her birthday, that folks not get her gifts per se …. but to donate to UnoMas ministries instead. I really appreciate the gesture.

One thing we haven’t talked about in a while how you would go about doing that. There several ways…. one of course is to send a check directly to:

Joy Community Church
810 Westwood industrial Park Dr.
St. Charles, MO 63304

Simply remember to put UnoMas Ministries in the memo section.

The other way would be to go to …. click on the “Get Involved” tab and follow the instructions there.

Thanks so much for your ongoing support.

Dios los bendiga


Living on Nica Time

Like the U.S. and Canada it is difficult to generalize countries culturally. People are different wherever you go. And as easy as would make it to say things like “all Missourians are skeptical” and “all southerners prefer ‘sweet tea’”, it’s just not possible to categorize most of us completely by region.

What, in my travels come closest to a cultural norm …. one that doesn’t deviate much … that is the concept of “Nica Time”. I live in a world that “4 o’clock” means anything from 4 to 5 to maybe even 5:30. This, of course, is unless you use the words “en punto”. Which can either mean on the dot or o’clock depending on context. So if it is an appointment for business or health care then most of us show up on time. But if it’s casual and relaxed….. nica time takes effect.

I tell you this not to complain because I am pretty used to it by now. It doesn’t bother me and I have even shown up late a couple of times myself. All this to say there are times when a whole class is late except for maybe one student. And it is in those times I get to know some of my students better. More one on one time.

One such event happened last week. It is a more advanced class, so the first student to arrive is one of my high schoolers. We were able to talk for about 20 minutes before anyone else arrived.

The first thing she said was, “I am glad you are feeling better”. She asked me which was worse …. the parasite or the wreck. I told her that was difficult to say because I physically felt worse for a long period of time. But I also said that the wreck took away my right hand for 6 weeks, so that was bad as well. She looked at me and nodded and said she understood. She also said that her family prays for me, especially when I was sick.

Then she looked at me and asked me the real question on her mind. She said, “when we had all the trouble, then you were sick, and then you had the wreck”. “Why didn’t you go home,” she asked. “My brother’s boss closed the restaurant and went home. My mother’s boss, where she cleaned house, went home. Many, many of the foreigners went home. Why didn’t you go home?”

I just looked and her and said, “because I am home.” She smiled and giggled and said that I was crazy. Just about then two more students showed up and then another and so we started class. I looked over at my student and just looked at me said, “thank you”.

So thanks to Nica Time, I got to know a student a little better and she got to know me. All I can say to you is thanks as well. Without your prayers and support, I could not have stayed in my adopted home. I could not minister to these precious young people. But because of you, I’m here. Thank you.

Dios los bendiga


The heat is on.

I knew I shouldn’t have said anything …. when a few of you called and asked about life. I of course, had to say something about the fact the climate was so magnificent…. I was turning the fans off at night and using a sheet to cover. Everyone was sufficiently jealous, therefore I though it a success.

However, whatever joy I received is now gone. We are back in the dry season. Temps are back up to the 30s during the not much lower at night. Generally this lasts from feb. to may. After that we turn back to the topical rains. 30 minutes of downpour then we have the sun all day until another shower at night. It’s amazing.

But today …. I gotten back into the routine of ….. go to the market ….. take a shower. Go to morning Classes ….. come home take a shower. After the afternoon session and supper ….. you get the picture.

I am not sure if it was a coincidence or because of the heat that our internet has been down. Someone wrote me the I was blessed because of it and I get that. It was suggested I read a good book. Great idea except that all my books are stored in the cloud. Don’t laugh …. it seemed like a good ideas at the time.

The kids love this heat. Because I take the outside and was do classes under a tree. They are always very helpful telling me the best for optimum shade and breeze conditions. One little girl started to cry until she found some newsprint from a big roll and brought it to me. All she was “sit on, hormigas” ….. which means ants. To she didn’t want me to be uncomfortable.

Thanks for all you and keep praying for UnoMas Ministries.

Dios los bendiga


Promotion time!

What a great day today. As many of you know our Saturday morning English class has been our longest running class.

We generally have about 30 kids and they are all different levels. And it a pretty huge challenge. It today I want you rejoice with me as we have 7 young people who are ready to be promoted to the next level. They have been practicing and working hard so they get on to section 2.

I don’t know if I have explained before but section one is like grades 1,2,3. So they are. Ow ready for grad 4 (section 2). I am so proud of each one of them. And it’s because of your help that we can reach these students.

We will be talking a lot about school if the next few weeks so be prepared.

Dios los bendiga