Prayer Request

I want to take this week’s blog and share with you an urgent prayer request. According to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Dengue Fever has surged in Nicaragua to epidemic levels. The MINSA (Ministry of Health) here in country has issued a epidemic warning and the U.S. Embassy has reiterated that warning. The latest figure show Nicaragua the highest rate of new dengue fever cases per capita in the region.

To further explain let me say, dengue fever is a virus spread through mosquito bites.  The most common symptoms of dengue are fever and one or more of the following symptoms: headache; eye pain (typically behind the eyes); muscle, joint, or bone pain; rash; nausea and vomiting; or unusual bleeding (nose or gum bleed, small red spots under the skin, or unusual bruising).

There is no cure. Pain relief, hydration, and symptom relief are the only viable medical answers currently available. The embassy suggests that mosquito bite prevention is the only significant step one can take to minimize risk. Just so you know, I supply myself and utilize plenty of mosquito repellent. While this is not foolproof, it has proven to be an effective deterrent. So personally, I would be considered low risk. But those truly at risk (children, the sick, and the aged) are, of course, more prone to greater suffering and even death.

The reason I bring up the matter in what normally would be a informational blog on the work we are accomplishing here at UnoMas Ministries is, I know that you have come to care for the Nicaraguan people as much as I care for them. Now is the time for you to take that caring and put it to practical form.

I need you to take time from your busy days, everyday, and pray that this epidemic is contained. I take spray to all my classes and services with me and use it on all my students. But that only works for a few hours in a given day. We need an intervention. The faith of our fathers and mothers has bound together in the past and quelled great plagues visited upon our ancestors. We are serving the same God and have the same power available to us.

If you would like help financially, you can write in the memo section of your check or electronic transfer “UnoMas repellent”.

This, however, is not a plea for money. This is a plea for prayer! Pray that the epidemic ceases. Pray that those suffering may be relieved. Pray that those caring for the ill can thwart the progress of the symptoms. Pray.

Let me stress again that I am well. In fact, I am stronger than ever. If not for your prayers I would not be here. If not for your encouragement I would not go on. But prayer does work and I am asking again for those prayers. I am excitedly anticipating the prospects of seeing God’s hand at work in miraculous ways.

I will keep you all up to date as new information is available. Thank you, as always, for your continued support.

Dios los bendiga, Jeff

Growing up on the mission field for most of my youth, I never imagined leaving the U.S. other than to serve on short-term mission trips. But, it was on one of those ministry tours to Granada, Nicaragua, that I fell in love with the Nicaraguan people and Uno Mas Ministries began.

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