Reparto San Juan

One of the joys of this ministry is hanging out with folks and just singing and praising. There is a little area called Reparto San Juan not very far from town. It is distinctive in that there are some very nice houses … I guess because it is off the main highway to Managua. There is even a very fancy “Jockey Club” … sort of a country club without the golf course.

But, there is also some a poorest areas in the Department (read state or province). The little shacks, muddy road, and animals in the way wherever you go. That is where we have one of our services each week. Cut-tree pillars and a tin roof … not much … but it serves well

I just got back from services and MY INTERNET IS WORKING!!! So I thought I drop some photos. I hope the movie plays for you. These four boys (and usually a girl as well) make up a new “praise dance” every week.

It is soooo cool

Dios los bendiga, Jeff


Growing up on the mission field for most of my youth, I never imagined leaving the U.S. other than to serve on short-term mission trips. But, it was on one of those ministry tours to Granada, Nicaragua, that I fell in love with the Nicaraguan people and Uno Mas Ministries began.

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